APHEC International Anna Pierre Health Education Center
INTERNATIONAL / THE PEOPLE'S CLINIC, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Nurse Anna Pierre, who saw the need to educate the Haitian community of South Florida, during the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As a registered nurse working in Miami, she witnessed firsthand that a lack of proper health education was a major factor in combating the disease. Also an artist and singer, Pierre used her popularity to raise awareness and educate her audiences, broadcasting information about various healthcare topics including HIV/AIDS, diabetes and cancer on all forms of media: TV, radio and the print media, in English, French and Creole.

In 1996, APHEC was incorporated as a not-for-profit community-based organization and with the help of supporters from the business community, she began a radio program which was dedicated to health education, broadcasting public service announcements about various issues. In 1999 after attaining a Masters Degree in Public Health, Pierre reorganized APHEC to start providing even more services to the community such as free screenings and informational seminars; APHEC became a 501 (C)3 Community-Based Organization administering educational programs at hospitals, clinics, schools and universities not only in the South Florida area but in other immigrant, minority and underrepresented communities. The organization also is pioneering several international efforts in Haiti, the Caribbean and Latin America to bring its services to those needy communities as well.

The Mission: To Provide community services that promote health and prevent diseases.

The Vision: To Reach out to care for those who are in need by providing outstanding and compassionate health care.


Haitian American Nurses AssociationHaitian American Nurses Association (H.A.N.A.)
The Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida (H.A.N.A.) was founded in 1984 by Jacqueline Dasque and Alice Casimir, two registered professional nurses practicing in Miami, who saw the need to establish an organization that would provide health care services to migrant workers in Homestead, Florida.
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