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  • Anna Pierre's book on Haitian History, Traditions and Culture


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  • Another soon to be released book I edited and did the cover design for was written by my delightful client, Anna Pierre. I couldn't be more honored to be a part of her journey.

    - Mary Jo Stresky

  • Anna Pierre may be currently living in the United States, but her heart still belongs to her motherland, the Republic of Haiti in the Caribbean. From singer/songwriter (most of her music is peppered with the flavoring of the island), to nurse, caretaker, and humanitarian -- and now author -- she has never been one to sit on her laurels and allow life to come to her.

  • Within the covers are eyebrow-raising narratives about the ancient practice of Voodoo; photos and historical information about landmarks, artwork and ethnic cuisine; the evolution and characteristics of Haitian men and women; and many local proverbs such as nan pwen lapriyè ki pa gen amen (there is no prayer without amen).

  • You Know You’re Haitian If... contains Anna’s voice speaking pure, unconditional love for her beloved homeland. “This is my journey and my desire to share my amazing country with the world. History is set in stone and I cannot rewrite it. But I can share it with you to the best of my ability and with great respect for my people.” Zanmi-m yo mwen di nou mèsi (thank you dear friends) ~Anna Pierre

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